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Tyler Evans

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Puhleez [12 May 2009|10:19am]
I just had an interview with a company who has the licensing rights for Lucky 13 Apparel and is designing t-shirts for Ford & Chevrolet re-issue shirts... they called me in because of my "1950's and rockabilly style" designs.
I want this job. It would be awesome! Cross them fingers for me, folks!
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MOPETY [08 Apr 2009|09:21am]
My next week or two in photos... hooray!

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SHAWOO [06 Mar 2009|03:10pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

I really have fond feelings for job postings that list being a "born again Christian" as a JOB REQUIREMENT... clearly, my love for Satan and all of his evil doings has some sort of an influence my design work.
"Well, he sacrificed the life of a baby goat in the MIDDLE of the interview... hm... I'll check "NOT a born again Christian..."
I love the goddamned Bible Belt sometimes.

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Also... [05 Mar 2009|01:02pm]
Does anyone really give a shit about Chris Brown OR Rihanna? I'm sick of this story and seeing it everywhere. How's about some real news?
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[04 Mar 2009|11:18am]
I'm getting really, really tired of all of these fucking Ed Hardy t-shirts everywhere.
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Morpert [26 Feb 2009|02:03am]
[ mood | tired ]

It's late.. I'm up working on a flyer design for my wife's hairstyling gig this weekend. It ought to be a hoot.
I got this beauty on Monday...

It's sitting just a few steps from me. It's quite nice to have around! I know I dig it at least.
That's it. I'm about to pass out from being so tired and hungry. OOF. Adios!

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BLURGH. [07 Feb 2009|05:25pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I want to start working in my field already... I've been out of school since mid December and I'm still working retail... this economy could get a little better any day now. About half of the companies I've interviewed with are unsure if their budget will increase at all this year to be able to hire new employees or not. It's discouraging... guess I'll start looking for freelance!
In better news, Lynne's freelance hairstyling has taken off again this season. LOTS of traveling and trade shows coming up for her. That's exciting stuff for sure...
MORRISSEY album out in 10 days. HYPE HYPE HYPE.

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OFF AND AWAY! [23 Jan 2009|10:55am]
I'm off to Houston for 2 days. ADIOS, DFW.

P.S. - being too broke to buy Morrissey tickets on the first day or the pre-sale is sadder than anything to me...
P.P.S. - This next Moz album will be TOPS.
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[08 Jan 2009|11:39pm]
I need a job.
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[14 Dec 2008|04:44am]
I graduate on Friday... time to grow up!
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THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS... [14 Nov 2008|01:25pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Okay so we don't have a wedding photographer at this point, and, yeah... that's not good. We're freaking out and hyperventilating and so forth, so, to curb that, I'll type happy thoughts here.

Layrite and Aqua Velva smell so good together...
Spiral burgers are so tasty
French fries would be good right now
Tonight I get to finish up the wedding invitations
Tomorrow we get them printed (YAY)
Only 5 more weeks until I've got my BFA
Hand In Glove is such a good song
I sure do like these shoes
This desk is tidy
I've got a cool project to do for homework this week

OOF. Didn't help too much but it did sort of work... AGHAAJsdfhJ

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[07 Nov 2008|05:44pm]
I'm going to take a minute out of my day to recall a time in Winter a few years back.
It was the first day I'd gotten to drive my new car (my blue Ford Focus ZX3) to school. I woke up extra early to get ready and make sure I had everything together. Although I got to school in those days about 40 minutes before the first bell, I still thought that I had to "look cool". It was weird not riding with my mom and talking to her about the day... not being dropped off, and having to walk in and remember to lock the door from the outside, not inside. I'd burned a CD the night before with songs I'd always wanted to sing at the top of my lungs.. This was my first chance. I don't remember the entire track listing, but I CAN remember that the first 3 songs were "Suedehead", "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" and "Pretty Girls Make Graves".
This was also the first day I began to pomp my hair and dress in oxford shirts and black slacks.
It was cold as could be... but I felt proud inside for being myself to the fullest extent possible that day.
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YES WE CAN. [04 Nov 2008|11:33pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Obama is our new president.
The campaigns are over. We need to unite in this time.
Be a good person. Pay it forward.
Obama 08.

Now, let's all cross our fingers that prop. 8 did not pass in California.

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[31 Oct 2008|11:04am]
Best ad ever....
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I NEED NUMBERS. [30 Oct 2008|07:58am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Friends of me!
I'm clumsy as can be apparently, and I've lost my old cell phone. I've got a new one now, but I need numbers! I know a lot of you reading this are far away (out of state, even out of the country) but if you'd like to give me your number for the sheer reason of text message rampages, then that's fine too.
Leave your numbers as a comment and I'll have them all screened so that no one else can see them. Please and thanks!

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My new barber of choice... [19 Oct 2008|10:05pm]
It's a place called King Barber in Dallas, TX. It's just 10 minutes from my school. Sadly, I'm not in Fort Worth as much anymore (especially with my internship and all the hours in class for my last quarter), so I needed to find someone actually in Dallas.

Plus, they stock Lucky Tiger's full line, so how can you go wrong?
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[16 Oct 2008|10:39pm]
THANKS to all of you who extended birthday wishes!!

Comment and I will....

a) Tell you why I friended you.

b) Associate you with something -- a fandom, song, color, photo, etc.

c) Tell you something I like about you.

d) Tell you a memory I have of you.

e) Ask you something I've wanted to know about you

f) Tell you my favorite userpic from your list

g) In return, you need to post this on your own LJ.
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Yaaaay... [16 Oct 2008|01:14am]
Today's the day... It's my birthday... 22 years ago today, my scheduled arrival into this world went just as it had been planned.
And now you're all STUCK with me!
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HALLOWEEN MIX! [08 Oct 2008|12:31pm]
How do to you all... In celebration of the month of October, Lynne and I would like to extend a gift your way...
Click here to download... A Halloween Mix!
Click that link for 36 fun, creepy and spooky songs sure to give you the willies!
Also, I made up a cover for all you iTunes users out there...

Enjoy! And comment here if you download it, let me know what you think!
Happy Halloween!!!
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OMMMM [08 Oct 2008|10:14am]
[ mood | excited ]

So, I got the internship position at D Magazine! I'll be starting within the next 2 weeks. I'm very nervous and very excited all at once. I've never had an official design position before, and though this is just an internship, it still carries responsibility. I'll just do my best and try to stay above water (and then some).
I've also got a job interview at Whole Foods on Thursday afternoon. I believe that I applied to be a designer for their store, but I can't recall. It wasn't mentioned what position they were interviewing me for. If the pay's good, then I might transfer there and leave Staples, but if they can't offer me anything better than what I'm getting (with the hours I'm getting) then I won't be leaving. It's hard to meet my schedule, and while Staples is a headache these days, they've always been flexible with me. We'll just wait and see.

Only 8 more days until my birthday!

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